Wood Recovery, founded in 1991, has two active mill sites in Junction City, Oregon and Sweet Home, Oregon. We specialize in turning residual fir, pine, and hardwood into wood chips, largely for the paper industry, and hog fuel for co-gen plants.  Wood Recovery recently started placing dump boxes near log decks, allowing farmers and loggers to salvage short, chunk wood that has typically been burned or turned into hog fuel.

Our goal is to provide the quality and quantity of wood chips and/or biomass you need in an efficient and timely manner.  Recently, we have become more active in our efforts to reduce the burning and other waste of residual woods. We have a very strong history to back-up these objectives.

Contact us if you would like to work with us either as a supplier of logs and short, waste wood or as a purchaser of wood chips.  We will be happy to work with you whether for use in the United States or abroad, including China and South Korea.